Jazz Age Chicago

Booker's Diary

Friday, 09 July 1926

Quiet summer, quiet day. Hot again, and most of the crowds have thinned after the holiday.

Not much is moving on the few outstanding cases I have. Conducted some surveillance last night at Rainbo Garden, but nothing of much interest. The city is hot and while some tempers flare it seems that the heat is subduing most folks.

Interesting new case this afternoon. Visited by Mrs. C. Her husband (G: 6’3”, handsome, sturdy, confident, moustache!, keeps fit, brown/brown) has been missing for two days. He’s an Associate Dean of Science (orig. Chemistry now Physics) @ the Univ.

G went out with some colleagues on Wednesday evening here on the northside, and hasn’t returned home to Hyde Park yet.

Mrs. C suspects that he’s unfaithful as she’s discovered an affair “with some floozy showgirl”. Performs perhaps at Arcadia Ballroom or at the EBH.

Will visit the U first thing Monday to speak with colleagues. Will spend tonight making the rounds with emphasis on Arcadia and EBH. Maybe drop some cash and see who knows what…


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